From the 3rd floor

Photo Oct 20, 8 48 31 PM

I snapped that photo while waiting to eat in a new restaurant at a new high-class department store in Bangkok Thailand called ‘Central Embassy’. However, I didn’t eat at that restaurant because the waiting time was too long for me to wait. I came back there a few weeks ago in order to try some dishes which the taste was good.

Behind the picture
– Hipstamatic with ‘Jane’ Lens and ‘D-Type Plate’ film.
– Resize Image
– Phonto

Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Black and White

Unnamed Art

Photo Sep 22, 11 54 02 AM

Once in while, I walked past this art on the wall but I never really looked at it until last Saturday. One thought came to my mind. How beautiful this unnamed art was. I grabbed my iPhone and captured it. One photo was enough. I believed.

Behind the photo:
– iPhone 5s’ native camera
– VSCOcam
– Phoenix
– Stickr

Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Street Photography)

Moments In Asia

Spring 2014 was the best time of my life.

I spent 35 days exploring 11 different cities in Japan, China and Southeast Asia as a work assignment. I had chance to see new places, meet new people and experience new things I had never done before. This is my visual diary of the journey shot entirely on iPhone 5s.

Markus Kontiainen