Just a little crush

I never thought I would have this kind of feeling again.

But my heart skipped a beat when I first met you.

Your smiles made me smile.

I wanted to see your face everyday.

I thought of you most of the nights recently.

My weekends seemed to pass too slow.

As I really wanted to go to work, just to see your face again.

I knew we can’t be anything more than co-workers.

You’ve never realised what I though about you.

Because it’s just a little crush.

I didn’t have to tell you.

And I never will.


photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

I guess you’ve already had the right one.

Even though you don’t have her, I know you would never think of me in that particular way.

The ages difference.

I’m not a sweet woman.

I don’t have perfect skin.

I don’t own a nice figure.

I have a foul mouth.

I speak what I think which might scare you sometimes.


I just want to stop my thoughts.

That always keep going back to your face.

But how can I do since I will meet you again tomorrow?

And I’m looking forward to seeing your face even if in a short moment.

You, just a little crush.


I have been working everyday since 5th May 2014. No real weekends for me as I just worked from home on both Saturday and Sunday. Even though I could work along with play a game or read something on my iPad, but I couldn’t truly relax.  I started to be curious that how people can continually work many days without taking a rest. I guess some people can do that but I may not be one of them. However, I have to endure this situation as I’m on a tight schedule of my work and working on the weekends will happen again and again until the end of this year. Moreover, I probably will have to cancel my trip to Singapore next month since taking a few days off can’t be my option.  I just hope that I won’t have to do that.



Anyway I’d like to apologize to my fellow bloggers that I might not be able to read all your updated blogs as many as I love to. Still, I won’t stop update my blog because I’ve promised myself to write one post everyday.

Before the hottest day

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post about the hottest day in Bangkok (Thailand), I went outside to meet my friend before that day and it was still another hot day. Actually I didn’t want to leave my house for the strong sunlight and burning temperature. But I needed to meet my friend because I had already postponed our appointment once. We would like to meet up in order to swap souvenirs that we’ve bought for each other from travel, mine was from Japan while hers was from India and Chiang Mai (a province in Thailand).

We decided to eat at a Korean restaurant in Korean Town near the Asoke BTS station. I carried my FujiFilm X-E1 with me so I grasped an opportunity to snap photos around station area while I was waiting for her. I chose one of those pictures for the Monochrome Madness Week 9 hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.

Bangkok | Thailand | 2014

Bangkok | Thailand | 2014

My friend and I had a great time eating and catching up on our life. After having lunch, we continued our conversation at a cafe called Hollys which was a franchise from Korea. I ordered Iced Blended Sweet Potatoes which I had never tried it before, and lucky me that it was delicious as well as suitable for the hot day like this.

Bangkok | Thailand | 2014

Bangkok | Thailand | 2014

Despite the hot weather, it was a pleasant afternoon to spend my time with my good friend.


Hooray! I’ve finally survived the hottest day in Bangkok (my city) according to our National Meteorological Department. They’ve forecasted that the temperature in Bangkok would be the highest one as the Sun would be perpendicular to Bangkok today (27 April 2014).

Thailand’s weather is hot and humid, and we are now in Summer which April is usually the hottest month of the season. And how did I take on today’s hot weather? No, I didn’t turn on an air conditioner in my room. In order to save my energy, I just did nothing except lying on my bed, reading a book and playing a game on my iPad as the weather was way too hot to do anything. And I drank a lot of cool water.


I didn’t drink it from a glass though. My water container was a vacuum flask. Still, the above image could represent the iced cooling system that kept me survive during the hot day like this. That image was also the one I sent to present on the Monochrome Madness post co-hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. It was the first time I joined this weekly madness even though it has already come to the 8th week.

This monochrome gathering really provides me with the opportunity to observe the world through other people’s eyes. I truly enjoy seeing their works as they are profoundly inspiring.

What needs to be done

I will have a trip in Japan again around the beginning of December so I have to clear up my works and prepare a lot of things for this trip. That’s why I can’t visit the WordPress fellow bloggers as often as I’ve done before. I will leave for Tokyo on this Thursday night (28 Nov 2013) and I will be back to my home on 8 Dec 2013. This will be my 8th trip to Japan which I will go there with my younger brother and our aunt.

During my journey, I hope to update my blog everyday as always. However, I might need to set the schedule for some posts in case I’m on the move. After I get back, I will try to catch up with all of you.



Radiohead is one of my favourite bands which I believe some of you might have already known that. I firstly thought their 1st and 2nd album were alright, but I couldn’t comprehend with their 4th and 5th albums which were ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’. I didn’t count myself to be a fan of this band. Nevertheless, there was a time that changed my status forever.

It was a date of 14th April 2004. I got a chance to see Radiohead’s concert in Japan with my younger brother who has already been an avid fan of the band. The concert was held at Intex Osaka and it started at 7:00 PM.


Radiohead started the concert with a song from their latest album (at that time) which were There There following with 2+2=5 , lucky, myxomatosis, where i end and you begin, backdrifts (Thom began to sing this song for a while and then he said that he didn’t know what were they f–king up doing now. So they stopped playing and started the next song). Fake Plastic Trees was the next song which was my favourite song. It did gave me goose bump listening its live like that.

They continued playing paranoid android, sail to the moontalk show host (Soundtrack of Baz Lurrman’s Romeo+Juliet), airbag, karma police (A lot of audiences sang along with this hit song), sit down. stand up, and scatterbrain. There were sound from Japanese radio show before national anthem was played. Then it was followed by exit music which individually showed each person in the band on the stage by lighting. Then they seemed to close the show with idioteque.

But I didn’t think that song would be the last song as I believed it should have had more songs than these and it seemed that everyone inside the hall thought the same way as mine. So the hand-clap sound started and the band appeared again with the gloaming, no surpriseda wolf at the door, street spirit and then they tended to finish the concert. However, no one wanted to go home so another Encore round has been initialised. They performed the last two songs which were i might be wrong and everything in its right place (Yes!!!).

My attempt to take a photo of stage.

My attempt to take a photo of stage.

All the time that I was standing there, listening to their music. I was drawn into their world totally. I thought they were so awesome and I just loved every minute I spent seeing their brilliant performance. And my life was changed forever as I’ve turned myself to be Radiohead’s band. Their albums must be in my iPod/iPhone all the time. I also created a Thai website which the first goal was to tell the story of this band in Thai language.

The name of this blog is also derived from ‘How to disappear completely‘, a song by Radiohead as well as the tag line (How can you be sure?). Even though I might not like their new stuff more than the first 5 albums. However, they are always my favourite band.

Remarks#1: I used to write about that concert in my Thai blog, that’s why I could re-write my experience in this post.

Remarks#2: The set list is based on information form ateasweb.

Remarks#3: This post is an entry for RRR-Challenge by Frizztext.

No Ordinary Morning

This morning, I changed a method to my office from driving my own car to taking public transportation because I needed to go somewhere in the evening and I didn’t want to go there by driving. Anyway, this change made me look at the sky in the different way.


No Ordinary Morning

The burning throat

I knew that I needed to post something everyday according to the promise to myself.

However, today I’m so tired as my body is getting hotter.

My throat is burning.

My nose is running.

After months without catching cold since January this year.

I was proud for my healthiness.

I’m eventually defeated by Virus or Bacteria.

Tomorrow I’m going to take sick leave for sure.

And tonight I need to go to bed early.

Hopefully, I will get better … soon.

A word A week Challenge – Unexpected

20 Jul 2013 in the morning

Photo 7-20-56 BE, 19 16 02

That is my car and Yep! its windshield was taken off by repair men. Nope, it wasn’t unexpected as I knew it would happen and I was the one who needed that service.

So let’s me tell you what I didn’t expect…

18 July 2013 around 6:40 – 7:00 am

I arrived at my company and I parked my car in my usual area. I had this routine to do some stuff in my car about 5-10 minutes before going to my office. However, I noticed an out-of-ordinary thing when I turned to see a car parking two lanes away. And I thought … what the … was that?

Photo 7-20-56 BE, 18 59 01

So I just sat in my car and took some photos of that unexpected thing. I tried to reason why the cute little doll was attached on the car’s driver window. I could come up with 3 possibilities.

  1. The doll might have fallen from the car and someone saw it so they’d like to return it to the owner.
  2. Someone might have wanted to give a surprise gift to the car owner so the best way was to attach an adorable doll on the car window (Love is in the air, I can feel)
  3. The car driver may have thought of the new method to show that little pink rabbit doll to the world!

When I talked to my colleagues along with sharing my thoughts and photos, they agreed with the first two ideas but they said the 3rd one sound too crazy to be true. I see…

Wait a minute, Hey … you may question that I still didn’t talk about my car’s windshield … right?

18 July 2013, 5:15 pm

I walked to a parking lot with my junior colleague. She stopped and looked at my car’s windscreen, then she pointed something and called me to look at it. That was the time I saw a crack on my car’s windscreen. Its length was around 45 cm (18 inches) and it started from the small spot.

At that moment, I realized of the time when I heard a loud bang while driving my car to work in the morning.

18 July 2013 6:00 – 6:30 am

While I was driving and singing along with a One direction’s song, oops no I meant the Killers’s song or Two door cinema club or whatever, I heard a very loud ‘Bang’ when I tried to overtake a giant truck driving on the next lane. I wasn’t sure what happened so I tried to look around my car from wing and rearview mirrors, but I saw nothing wrong.

And when I arrived at my company, I believed that I didn’t see that crack on my windshield or I might have been busy taking that unexpected thing on another car so I overlooked my own unexpected situation T_T

18 July 2013 in the evening

Photo 7-20-56 BE, 19 05 39

I told my parents about the crack. My dad said I shouldn’t drive my car until the windscreen has been changed. So I decided to work from home on Friday (19 July 2013).

20 July 2013 around 11:00 am

Photo 7-20-56 BE, 19 18 29

I’ve finally got a brand new windscreen and film. There are 7 cautions to be aware of after changing to a new one. Luckily, my car insurance covered this kind of accident so I don’t have to pay for the new mirror otherwise I would have been sadder than this as my cash flow isn’t in a good status after a paid for three air tickets of my upcoming trips.

According to word count from WordPress, it turned out that I required about 588 words to give a response to A word A Week challenge – Unexpected.

Daily Prompt: The Clock

My One Fine Day

Today morning I woke up at 6 am and reached to my Kindle so I could finish my pending book from last night. After that, I went downstairs to brew coffee while my mom was preparing our breakfast. We had herring in paprika sauce which I didn’t like it, whereas my dad did. I spent most of my morning reading a new book on kindle.

Our lunch was much better for me which my mom made spaghetti with olive oil, dried chilies and dices of toasted spam. It was really yummy. I was still occupied by my Kindle through out afternoon. After finishing my book, I did a light exercise while watching a video on my iPad.

I ate 4-5 pieces of apple as my dinner and went up to my bedroom to check my Facebook page on iPad. I was skimming through updated feeds on Facebook wall when I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. It already passed 8 pm, which I thought to myself that I should update WordPress blog before I start reading a new book that I just bought in the evening.

I turned on my laptop and thought of what I should write today. I needed a little inspiration so I checked my WordPress reader feed and I was intrigued by Daily Prompt: The Clock. I pondered whether I could do it or not. I decided to write about today because I really like this Saturday and wanted to talk about it. After going outside 20 days nonstop, I loved this peaceful day that I am staying at home and do nothing except enjoying books on my Kindle.

Today is just the perfect holiday for me.