The Souvenir

Photo 5-12-2557 BE, 21 34 55 My best friend bought a necklace as a souvenir for me from her trip in Hokkaido. I really love its shape as a snowflake even though I knew that the diamond isn’t the real one. I tried the shot with a Macro lens for smart phones that I’ve recently bought. I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome that much but it was acceptable. The image was framed in VintageDeco. Blog credit has been written in Phonto and resized in Resize Image.

This image is a response to Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro.

Hello, stranger

I found this little stranger while I was walking around Daikanyama, Tokyo during my latest trip in Japan. I believed that it was caterpillar. This one might not be that tiny but it was quite smaller than its surrounding. So I didn’t notice it at first until I really paid attention to the little green one holding on the rim of the seating.

I said : “Hello, stranger”

And then …
Photo 4-14-2557 BE, 20 47 26

Behind the shot:
– iPhone 5s’ native camera
– iOS Photo app.
– Fuzel for a frame, a sticker, and a blog credit.
– Resize Image for the image size adjustment.

This photo is a respond to Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro.

The Green Fly

Photo 1-13-2557 BE, 20 42 25

Behind the shot:
iPhone5s’ native camera
Cropped and Wrote Blog name in Stickr
Resized in EverClipper

This shot was still in the same trip when I visited my Grandma last month (Dec-2013). The thing I like about phone camera is that we can capture everything everywhere every time we want. Like this time I saw the green fly on the green leave in a very small pond at my grandma’s home.

Happy Phoneography Monday: Macro


I’ve got a chance to go to the Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) where held the free exhibition “Life of Terada Mokei” showing the 1/100 scale paper models. The tiny models imitated general living things around us with the same composition as the real one. Actually, I wanted to photograph the paper models with Ricoh R6 which is good at Macro shots. However, I forgot to bring a SD card with me so I changed to use iPhone 4 for photograph. Surprisingly, the picture quality turned out to be quite good (in my opinion) as the outcome could capture certain detail in the models.

Why 1/100 Scale?
The 1/100 scale is the most popular scale when it comes to architectural building models.
From models of houses and apartments, to public facilities and shopping centers, all these different sized buildings are possible to represent. In addition, since interiors, furniture and similar objects can also be represented on a generic scale, accessory sets have become 1/ 100 in size. Also, I think the 1/100 scale makes it easy to create various abstract and distorted items. However the 1/200 and 1/300 scales are too small making for very little room to work within. As for the 1/50 and 1/30 scales, I’m concerned about the texture and the detail of the shapes. I think that 1/100 is the perfect scale for creating, as it creates just enough difference in the objects, such as between human poses and gestures, a folding chair and a wooden chair, and a Shiba Inu and a Golden Retriever.

– Naoki Terada, the founder of Terada Mokei

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom – It’s amazing how pieces of paper can definitely convey the beauty of Spring season.

New York

New York – Can you see the famous Logo? I (love) NY?


Bangkok – Yeah! Food stall in Thailand


Amsterdam – Ha… Tulip


Orchestra – Can you hear music?

Competitive Swimming

Competitive Swimming – Phew!

Park 2

Park 2 – There is a poop behind a dog and the owner is going to pick it up.

Food Stall

Food Stall -Oden!

Sorry that I had to break my own rules that I didn’t use iPhone apps to re-size and put credit as I’ve already transferred this set of photos to my computer, but all pictures were captured by iPhone4 Camera. This post participates in Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: Macro Monday.

All models were inside transparent boxes as you could see how small they were compared to person who tried to take photos of them.


More information on Terada Mokei can be found here.


Before they disappear

Photo 7-8-56 BE, 20 16 18

Photo 7-8-56 BE, 20 16 49

Photo 7-8-56 BE, 20 18 07

Behind the shots
Camera: iPhone 4, Hipstamatic
Cropped: Rotate & Crop
Re-sized: EverClipper
Credited: Phonto

I applied the method from this web to the macro shots by using iPhone 4. The article author suggested some approaches to get better iPhone Macro Shots. I chose to use the magnifying glass method which I borrowed it from my dad. It is in the rectangular shape. I held it between the subjects and my iPhone which they sometimes were in awkward positions as I tried to arrange iPhone lens to in the same line of the subject behind the glass. It was even more difficult when I tried to touch iPhone screen to get the auto focus or AF/AE lock because I was afraid of dropping my iPhone. Anyway, I’m moderately satisfied with the outcome of those water drops taken by iPhone. And I decided to choose 3 out of many trial-and-error photos to participate in Phoneography Challenge: Macro.

A Word A Week Challenge – Vibrant

A little red shoes.


A pink brush and a mirror.


A couple of green bears on snow.


A shining stars.


A wild red sheep.


A pair of big-eyes red cats.


Sue has posted the word for this week challenge which is ‘Vibrant‘ and I decided to approach it by using my Ricoh R6 for taking macro photos of my earrings. I think these small things have their own character along with a vibrant color.

We are family

Wilbur, Charlotte, Babe…Come here. Let’s take a photo together.

Hurry up!

Say Cheese!

Our Family Photo. Let’s send it to dad.
Our Family Photo.

Behind the shots
Lens: iPhone4’s camera
Filtered+cropped+framed: Line Camera
Re-sized: EverClipper
Blog Credit: LabelBox

I misunderstood that this week’s phoneography challenge is Black & White but it actually is macro. So I didn’t prepare anything for a response to this week’s challenge until before typing this post.

I chose to snap photos of this small pigs made from glass. The big one has diameter around 0.8 inches while 0.2 inches for the small objects. They looked like a family so I created the story for the above shots.

See more Macro photos: Phoneography Challenge: Macro Mobile Photography.