Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 11 – Text on photo

This week’s challenge from weliveinaflat and firebonnet is about one of my favourite photo editors on mobile phone. I’m always keen on searching for applications providing Text on photo in the Apps store. My iPhone currently has 11 apps that specifically support only text on photo. The one that I picked to participate in Snappy H’appy is Path On. This app allows us to write text in various shape such as spiral, circle and custom shapes which I think the custom option is definitely cool.

Photo 4-26-2557 BE, 23 14 11_Fotor

A new hope

a new hope

Behind the shot
Camera: iphone 4
Cropped, edited, and filtered: camera 360 and Line Camera
Re-size: EverClipper
Credited: Phonto

Despite using Camera 360 quite for a while, I just found out that it has this B&W filter which leaves a certain area to be in colour. So I used it to crop, edit and apply the B&W green filter to the photo. This young plant has started to grow up next to the old dry one. I captured many photos of them by using iPhone, Olympus and Ricoh. I haven’t checked photos in Olympus and Ricoh yet but I was pretty satisfied with iPhone’s photos.

This post responds to Phoneography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel) which I choose Still Life photography for my entry.

A Word A Week Challenge – Herd

I want to say that a challenge from Sue’s a word a week this week is quite difficult for me. Yep, herd is hard. I tried to figure out how I can respond to the challenge. Did I have something to post or should I better skip this challenge? But challenge is a challenge which means that I don’t want to easily give up.

I tried to come up with something so I decided to use my beginner skills on water color painting to paint sheep on a field in response for this challenge. (I like sheep so when I looked up for the meaning of herd on the internet. One of its example was a herd of sheep.) I didn’t know how to draw sheep so I asked Google and I followed the drawing instruction on this website. However, I haven’t finished the painting yet because I practiced painting another picture at the same time. Anyway, I applied a cartoon filter on my unfinished sheep painting by using mobile application called ‘Camera 360’. The result is quite acceptable for me.

how dare me to call this art?!?

how dare me to call this art?!?

Another method I thought of was that I would adapt some photos using another mobile application ‘BlendCam’. (I saw some photos on weliveinaflat and I liked them so I asked her what application she used. That was the way I knew this app.) The app lets us to blend many photos into the same picture. As I had this painting of a field in front of snowy mountain which I painted it in my class. I mixed that picture with photos of sheep push pins.

What was I thinking when I did this !?!

What was I thinking when I did this !?!

Two pictures were still not enough to make me shy away from this challenge. I was back to the same old approach so I searched for some photos in my trips’ folders. And I found this picture which I photographed when I traveled in England with my friends.

Yeah! Sheeeeeeep HaPPY EaTiNG!

Yeah! Sheeeeeeep HaPPY EaTiNG!


Have I ever told anyone here that I love Winnie -the-Pooh? Yep, I think I have. However, I never read books or watched animation. I just love the way Pooh looks especially the classic one.

So when I saw this free app in the App store on my iPad, I knew I had to try it!


I was welcomed by the menu page when open the app. The beautiful picture with the nice music score.


Then I clicked the tale of POOH and some BEES and I was led to option page.


I chose ‘Read for me’, and I felt like I listened to the bedtime story before sleeping except this time we can have a little play with them. And I’m fond of the illustrations.


We can also go back and forward by touching the blue circle on the top left-hand side of screen.


I really enjoyed listening, reading and tapping the pooh. I was also entertained by the voice over as I liked his British accent.

The app comes with one story and we can buy other stories by using in-app purchase which the app has pop-up question to prevent children from purchasing it.


Although the story is not that long and it seems to be more suitable for children than adults, I still think that we can merrily read or listen to it as a young at heart as we are.


App: Classic Winnie-the-Pooh
Language: English
Developer: Egmont UK
Available: iPhone and iPad