Will you?

Will you still

Photo 8-5-56 BE, 19 58 25

keep me in your memory

Photo 8-5-56 BE, 19 59 09

when the time arrives and I will eventually disappear?

Photo 8-5-56 BE, 19 57 49

Behind the shots:

App: Hipstamatic with ‘John S’ Lens and ‘Alfred Infrared’ film, no flash.

Re-size and credit: Typesetter

The 1st Monday for Phoneography Chellenge is Nature photography. So I decided to take photos of blooming flowers in my family’s pot plants. But when my eyes moved to see those withered flowers on soil, I reckoned that their beauty doesn’t exist forever. Their lives will finally come to an end like the other living things. However, those flowers return their values to the world with their lively and elegant posture for our eyes as well as their sweetness for birds and bees despite their short lives on the Earth. And when they die, they could turn to nourish their next followers.

Rewind the memories


 Play the laughter.

Rewind the memories.

Stop the pain.

Pause the happiness.

– Author Unknown –

Behind the shots

Camera: iPhone 4

Framing and writing: Shot Memo

I chose ‘Travel’ as an approach to Phoneography Challenge’s challenger choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel). Those photos were among of many photos created during the time I traveled with my friend in some states on the East Coast of the United States. At that time, I just got the App ‘Shot Memo’ for free so I was excited to use it for writing a short note on each photo and posted them on my Facebook wall as a brief version of my trip in the US.

When I went through those photos again, I found that the comments I put on those pictures were useful even though they were boring such as name of places or meals. Because they help me play back the memories; the exhausted moments, the happy time, the magnificent views, or the delicious meals.

Remembered the time I ate full breakfast at Joe’s cafe on the way to my friend’s home. I loved every thing on that plate especially scrambled egg and I was so in love with French Toast (ahh, just thinking of them makes my mouth watering). Or turned back time to those walking trails that I took: the Harkening Hill trail, the Huckleberry trail, and the Stony man trail. Recalled the moment of being entertained in the Broadway Show ‘Anything goes’. Enjoyed myself in those museums and art galleries. I could go on and on. Of course, I did face a few difficulties during my trip; however they couldn’t replace my moments of joy.

Hot Pot

Photo 7-22-56 BE, 20 23 12

Behind the shot
Camera: Oggl app ‘Food filter’
Re-size and Credit: Typesetter

I snapped this photo by iPhone4 using application called Oggl in order to prove to my friend that Oggl ‘Food filter’ is good for taking Food photos. And I think this shot can confirm my comment.

My friend and I went to the restaurant named Tensho Yakitori at Digital Gateway Siam Center, Bangkok. It is a Japanese restaurant which focuses on Deep Fried and Grilled food in Japanese style. That dish’s name is Buta Kimchi Nabe or we can call it as Kimchi Soup with Pork because Buta (Japanese) means Pork and Nabe (Japanese) means hot pot.

Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings (source).

I really like Kimchi but I had never tried it as in hot pot before I ate that meal, and I liked this style too. However, I think it would be more suitable if we ate it in the cold weather, not in the hot and humid environment as Bangkok. Still, it was a tasty food.

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4th and 5th Mondays: Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel)

The war inside

I think ignorance might not be able to save me anymore. When I feel like there is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. I’ve never thought I would encounter this kind of situation before. Last night it happened again and I couldn’t sleep well so I have a headache all day. It seems that I can’t do anything about it. When I dare to touch an issue, that person turns the hate toward me.

I could feel that there is an invisible war inside this place where used to be a warm stay. Even though I wanted to ignore it, that person wouldn’t let me. I’m punished because I chose to turn a blind eye to that issue. As I chose to walk away, the war has started…

Photo 6-17-56 BE, 20 31 04

I’m stressed.

I fear for the next untrue accusation that person will throw at me.

I’m exhausted.

App: Oggl

Re-size & Text: Typesetter

Phoneography Challenge: Black-and-White

Start a War by The National


Oggl is the attempt from Hipstamatic to create the community for photographers using iPhone to capture digital photos. I think they are trying to compete with Instagram. At first, Oggl required interested person to register for invitation which reminded me of the time when Gmail has firstly been launched. However, any users can now install Oggl without the registration.

The app provides users with pre-arranged filters for Landscape, Portraiture, Nightlife, and Food. Users can also match lens and films by themselves as the same as in Hipstamatic. After taking photos, we can either save into camera rolls or share it with the Oggl community as well as other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

I’ve installed this app not long ago. I think the app has nice and cool look, but some interfaces are quite confusing especially on the Oggl community compared to Instagram. I’ve used it for taking photos but I rarely share them with Oggl. The pre-filters are ok which I think the food one is quite good as it seems to give the dimension and color for food.

We are family

Wilbur, Charlotte, Babe…Come here. Let’s take a photo together.

Hurry up!

Say Cheese!

Our Family Photo. Let’s send it to dad.
Our Family Photo.

Behind the shots
Lens: iPhone4’s camera
Filtered+cropped+framed: Line Camera
Re-sized: EverClipper
Blog Credit: LabelBox

I misunderstood that this week’s phoneography challenge is Black & White but it actually is macro. So I didn’t prepare anything for a response to this week’s challenge until before typing this post.

I chose to snap photos of this small pigs made from glass. The big one has diameter around 0.8 inches while 0.2 inches for the small objects. They looked like a family so I created the story for the above shots.

See more Macro photos: Phoneography Challenge: Macro Mobile Photography.

Natural beauty

Yesterday while my dad and I were arriving home after going outside, my dad met this creature on our garage floor. He hurriedly told me before I stepped inside home building. And then that winged creature flew from the ground to catch the edge of a plant pot. Luckily, I had iPhone with me so I could snap a lot of shots while this beauty was standing still.




My dad guessed that this budgerigar fled from an unknown owner who resides in our neighborhood. That’s why, this natural beauty was so tame and not afraid of human (me).




Look at the camera!

Photo 6-3-56 BE, 20 46 37


This beauty was just standing and let me take many photos as I wanted. After I retreated to my bedroom, this natural beauty flew from that spot to somewhere in the sky. We just hoped that the beauty could find the way back home.


Behind the shots:

Camera: iPhone 4’s camera

Crop and re-size: Ever Clipper

Photo Credit: Phonto

This post is in a response to Phoneography Monday Challenge: Nature (Formerly the iphoneography Monday challenge). Right now, the challenge doesn’t limit only iPhone but everyone who uses your phone as your lens can join this fun.

Arrive soon


Don’t worry, I will arrive soon.

Behind the shot:

  • Photo taken by using Hipstamatic app. with ‘Americana’ Lens and ‘W40’ Film without flash.
  • Afterward, applied tilt-shift filter in Snapseed app.
  • Finally, writing blog’s name on the photo in Typesetter app.

I chose this photo to response to iPhoneography Challenge which the 4th Monday’s theme will be any of the following choices: Abstraction, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography (my choice for this time), and Travel.

Although I enjoy street photos, I don’t think I can do it myself as I’m not good at initiating conversation with strangers or pointing my camera to anyone around me. However, I like observing people or every thing surrounding me and if I’ve got chances I might take photos from afar.

For the above photo that I took from a flyover in front of department store near my home area. At that time, the ray of light was beautiful as it was in the evening. The sun prepared to leave the sky. Everyone seemed to be ready to go home by various forms of transportation; bus, car, taxi, tuk tuk, motorcycle, or bicycle. In order to make the bicycle stands out, I decided to use tilt-shift filter for the required outcome.