Two Yellow Leaves

I was surprised when I first saw two yellow leaves on the soil in our family’s pot plant because they looked like Autumn leaves. Why was I surprised? It was due to the fact that we are in Summer season here in Thailand, and we’ve never had Autumn season before. Anyway, Summer in Thailand has very hot and dry weather so I assume that green leaves can turn to be yellow because of drought.

Photo 4-7-2557 BE, 20 14 13

Behind the shot
+ iPhone 5s’ native camera app
+ Typic

The picture is a response to Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Nature

Life goes on

I’ve kept updating the political situation in my country. I usually post it on every Sunday but I don’t have anything to update much this Sunday. We still can’t form the government even though the national election was already held on 2nd Feb 2014 because some areas couldn’t let people vote due to the difficulty of protest or lack of staffs. We have to wait for results from another election which will be held on 23 Feb 2014. The protest is still going on during this waiting time. No end is near to be seen. Nobody wants to step back. Everyone wants their own agenda to win over others.

The country needs to move on. People who don’t participate in the protest need to go on with our lives. Our life needs to go on as the sun needs to rise and set.

The sunset was captured from my home and I applied the filter to it.


Under the flowers beneath the sky

Photo 2-3-2557 BE, 20 16 01

I still chose a photo from the trip I’ve mentioned in the previous respond to last Monday’s challenge. I used Hipstamatic to capture this photo with John S lens and Ina’s 1935 film. An application called ‘Typesetter’ let me write a blog credit and resize the photo.

This post is an entry for Phoneography Challenge, Your Phone as Your Lens: Nature which Sally told us in her post that the challenge has 1 year anniversary on 4 Feb 2014. I’m happy in joining this challenge as it has made me creatively think for photography. Hopefully, some of you will join us soon :)

The Green Fly

Photo 1-13-2557 BE, 20 42 25

Behind the shot:
iPhone5s’ native camera
Cropped and Wrote Blog name in Stickr
Resized in EverClipper

This shot was still in the same trip when I visited my Grandma last month (Dec-2013). The thing I like about phone camera is that we can capture everything everywhere every time we want. Like this time I saw the green fly on the green leave in a very small pond at my grandma’s home.

Happy Phoneography Monday: Macro

Travel theme: Ripples

When I took some of above photos, I never knew that I would have this blog and join the challenges here. And I do enjoy participating in those challenges as they help me see things from the different angles. Like this week in the Ailsa’s travel theme which encourages me to notice the small things in my photos; Ripples.

Nature in our hands

The 1st Monday of month for the iPhonegraphy Challenge is Nature. I used this set of photos to represent Nature.

Yesterday, our family visited my grandma at her home in Chonburi. We talked to her and then went to market to buy seafood. After we came back to her home, I saw her walking back to the terrace and holding some flowers in her hands as she just plucked them from her small garden.

They were Lunthom or Leelavadee (Plumeria) and Mali (Jasmine).

Lunthom is the name we called Plumeria in Thai. Because Lunthom sounds like Ra-Thom in Thai word which means sad or sorrow, so those who own authority has tried to change the name from Lunthom to Leelavadee. Thus, people will feel comfortable to plant them in their house without worrying about the unfortunate definition. However, we still call them in both names.

My grandma would like to put them in a thin wood stick so she could arrange them in a vase. This is the way she could see their beautiful color before they wither.


Behind the shots:
Shots: iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic app

  • 1st and 2nd photos used Lens ‘Jane’ with Film ‘Blanko Freedom 13’
  • The 3rd one was shot by Lens ‘Tinto 1884’ with Film ‘D-TypePlate’

Re-sized: EverClipper

Credited: Labelbox