Who are you?

Sorry, I can’t remember her name.
I met her at an office of trekking tour operator.
And being me who is a bit crazy about cats.
I needed to take photos of her.

I followed her around to capture her pictures on iPhone 4.
Using my favourite application called ‘Hipstamatic’.
She tried to move away from me.
But she couldn’t go so far due to limited space in the office.

From the look on this photo, she might have wanted to ask me all these questions.
“Who are you?”
“Why do you follow me?”
“Do you want my camping BBQ?”
“No way! This is mine. You go and find it for yourself”

Photo 4-21-2557 BE, 21 32 55

Remarks: My regular post on Monday is a respond to Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge by Sally. Sally has already informed us that she will be on vacation for 2 weeks so she won’t be able to update the challenge posts on this and next Monday. However, I still want to keep my posts as always so I decided to submit this post for a respond to the theme of the 3rd Monday which is Black & White photography.

Where are my Facebook Stickers!?!

When I initially heard of Facebook stickers, I was like …


And then I …


Because I’ve liked to use stickers or emoticon in my instant message since MSN.

So after updating my Facebook on iPad and iPhone,

I eagerly sent message to my brother although he was downstair while I was in my bedroom upstair.


BUT! my Facebook app on both iPhone and iPad doesn’t have Sticker function while my brother’s Facebook app has!



WHY? …WHY? … WHY? … WHY? … WHY? …


So I tried to search for the methods of adding Stickers in my Facebook messenger.


And I accidentally found this news, Facebook is appealing to its Asian users with messaging, emoticons, and stickers.

Huh??? Yeah, I’m Thai and Thailand is in Asia so I think I’m Asian enough to get my Stickers on Facebook, Right?

(I just knew that Asian users like using stickers or emoticons more than non-Asian users … uh-huh)

Anyway, I decided to uninstall Facebook app and re-install it.

BUT the stickers still not come T-T





I controlled my emotion and read the details of Facebook app in the Apple App store.

A-Hah! They’ve already said that Stickers will come to everyone soon.  (Meaning not everyone now)




Got it …

Waiting for my turn.


All stickers are from Line Application.