How to see sun rising

Hua Hin | Thailand | Jan-2014

Hua Hin | Thailand | Jan-2014

This image showed us how my colleague saw the sunrise. Ha Ha … Not really. Actually, I asked her to jump for me so I could utilize the ‘Burst’ mode on my iPhone 5s and I luckily got a good set of photos. I then applied the HDR filter in FotoRus, added text in Phonto and adjusted new picture size in ‘Resize Image’.

I posted this picture in order to respond to the Phoneography Challenge, Your Phone as Your Lens which I selected Travel for this week’s challenger choice.

A Word A Week Challenge – Bisect



I saw these different skies while I was walking along the West Cliff Dr. (Santa Cruz | CA | USA). I was taken by surprised how the sky could be bisected like that and how they impacted the underneath areas.

The nature always proves their magic for us, little human beings.

Travel theme: Ripples

When I took some of above photos, I never knew that I would have this blog and join the challenges here. And I do enjoy participating in those challenges as they help me see things from the different angles. Like this week in the Ailsa’s travel theme which encourages me to notice the small things in my photos; Ripples.

The tranquil sea

Every thing around here is calm and back to be normal. Unbelievably, the situations on these previous posts (Smile and maybe tomorrow and The war inside) really did happen! No more shouting and accusation. Moreover, I feel like some burden has been lifted up from my shoulder as other two people finally know the same information as me.


Still, I have to be careful and I won’t dare to touch any sensitive subject. I don’t know what lies beneath the quiet atmosphere like this as that person still holds the untrue belief. The current situation is similar to the tranquil sea that looks peaceful, but you will never know what the next big wave or even tsunami will come.

Trying my hardest to prevent the next turmoil.