Life goes on

I’ve kept updating the political situation in my country. I usually post it on every Sunday but I don’t have anything to update much this Sunday. We still can’t form the government even though the national election was already held on 2nd Feb 2014 because some areas couldn’t let people vote due to the difficulty of protest or lack of staffs. We have to wait for results from another election which will be held on 23 Feb 2014. The protest is still going on during this waiting time. No end is near to be seen. Nobody wants to step back. Everyone wants their own agenda to win over others.

The country needs to move on. People who don’t participate in the protest need to go on with our lives. Our life needs to go on as the sun needs to rise and set.

The sunset was captured from my home and I applied the filter to it.


Before the moon, there is the sun

Photo 11-4-2556 BE, 19 37 19

I’ve recently bought a new phone which is iPhone 5s in the past weekend. I’ve heard of news that it has better camera especially compared with my old iPhone 4. However, I haven’t had any chance to go outside and tried its native camera. Still, I have been trying its camera by taking photos of things around me.

I snapped the photo in this post on the 4th floor of our family home. The sunset scene can be looked out everyday from my brother’s bedroom.  I used native camera of iPhone 5s and then used my usual EverClipper and Phonto apps to resize and put blog credit respectively. I wanted to add a frame in the photo so I imported it in Line Camera app to apply filter and a frame. However, I liked this photo without frame when comparing the result.

You can join our Phoneography challenge which opens for all phone owners out there to join us. You can visit lensandpenbysally’s blog to see more Nature Photos for this week’s challenge and you might be interested to share your photos with us in this challenge.

Sunset on the run


I chose the above picture as an entry for the MBPOTW challenge‘s 5th week. It was selected from a bunch of photos that I took while being in a van on the way back to Bangkok from my hiking trip. I was trying to practice taking photos by adjusting speed shutter. That image was in the last set of photos before the Sun would leave the sky. It was one of a few photos which were fine as most of photos were blur.