The Silent NEWS

Something not right happened here in my country where people against Thai Military Junta could be abducted from their normal life according to this news Student Activist Leader ‘Abducted’ from University. I don’t say that I agree with their activity. But it’s not right to be abducted like that neither. This is not normal. This isn’t the thing you should accept without saying anything. Thus, not my peers have said anything or even for me.


Quote by Liu Xiaobo

I cannot express my worrisome over this military act via my social network or around me since I’m not sure about the reaction. And this happens to me for a long time since my country has been ruled by Thai Junta. I’m living in fears. I know in my heart that it’s not safety to say or act against them. You can say that Freedom of speech hasn’t been heard here quite a while. I believe that some people think they can say whatever they want but no! they just can act or say things the government approved them to speak. They may have protested for something they care except this injustice or low human rights here.

And I don’t know what is the way out from this situation. My passionate for justice and democracy is dying down. The best method for me to breath and act normally is to pretend that I don’t care. Just living as everything here is fine. Happiness is around the country. Ignorance is a bliss. Screaming as silent as you can.

Untitled 001

I just found this Thai artist and I fall in love with her songs. This one was from her first album; Lost Unfound which was available in 2012. The lyrics were in Thai but I believe that music has no boundary when it comes to languages.

Artist Name: Stoondio | The 2nd album will be released in 2015.

A Word A Week Challenge – Ornate

For this week’s challenge from Sue, I’ve looked through my photos bucket and I found a photo folder of my trip in Cheang Rai, Thailand 9 years ago. This kind of ornate decoration could be normally found in my country (Thailand) especially when we visit temples or historical places. If we really look into details, we could also discover that this engraved art could have the touch of each region.

Cheang Rai | Thailand | 2004

Cheang Rai | Thailand | 2004

Cheang Rai | Thailand | 2004

Cheang Rai | Thailand | 2004

Cheang Rai | Thailand | 2004

Cheang Rai | Thailand | 2004

Part Time Musicians

I have been introduced to this new Thai indie band by my senior colleague because her nephew is one of their members. The band’s name is Part Time Musicians which right now consists of 5 members; 4 guys and 1 girl. They categorize their music genre as Contemporary Folk, Indie Folk and Folk Pop. They firstly released one song called ‘Vacation Time’ as their debut. I like the song and music video. And it’s quite refreshing that they composed lyrics in English language as not many Thai music artists will create songs with English lyrics.

Put your heart and your soul in the suit case
Get out of the city life, get out of your place
Heading to the mountain,heading to the sea,
Live your life be free

Low your car window, let the wind blow in,
Allow sunlight to come in and touch your skin,
Smell the scent of dirt listen to the bird singing
Watch those pine tree dancing

This is the vacation time
It’s time to slow down your life
Time to take a rest and relax
Time to run away from painful fact
This is the vacation time

Feel the grassland beneath your feet,
Lay your body down and roll your weed,
Try to get stone among the wind breeze,
Heaven is the place that we will meet.

This is the vacation time
It’s time to slow down your life
Time to take a rest and relax
Time to run away from painful fact
This is the vacation time
This is the vacation time

– Part Time Musicians: Vacation Time –

They’ve also released another song featuring with Chladni Chandi: Would you mind? I think this song is interesting especially its music solo section. The music video is creative and fun to watch as well.

Part Time Musicians: Facebook | Soundcloud


When I was a kid, I usually spent my free time reading books, playing paper dolls or creating houses from wood blocks. Those activities were my hobbies at home. And when I met my friends at school, we would have games that we often played together. There were two popular games for Thai girls that I still recalled till these days. (Normally, Thai boys had their own games which were different from girls.)

The first one was หมากเก็บ (Pronounce = Mark-Keb). The original component was 5 pieces of very small rocks which didn’t have the sharp edge because we would need to be able to hold them in one hand. We would spread those rocks on solid surface. We would choose one rock to toss up, pick the remaining one, and try to be ready to catch the falling rock. We had different levels to beat – Try to pick one rock, two, three, four and flip our hands for five rocks. The below video showed how to play it from the beginning. (I found it on youtube which they had the competition in their school so girls were cheering and shouting.)


Another one was กระโดดยาง (Pronounce = Kra-Doad-Yang). The main tool was the string of elastic bands as below picture.

It needed at least 3 person to play this game as two to hold the string and one to jump across it. There were around 8 high levels to compete starting from ankle-height, knee, lower bottom, waist, chest, ears, head and above head. We didn’t need to follow all of them. Anyway, the best person was the one who could pass the above-head height. Moreover, we needed to know the trick how to jump without showing underwear because we had to wear skirt for Thai girls’ student uniform.
The below video was quite good to display some techniques for this game although she couldn’t pass the last level (above head).

At first, I’m not sure whether kids these days play these games or not. However, I could find the above clips on Youtube so I believe that these Thai games still play the parts in Thai children despite of the era of computers, smart phones, tablets and the internet.

This post was an entry for GGG Challenge by Frizztext.

A girl with four names

That girl from the post title is me. Before my current name, I had three former first names.

When I was born, I had a very brief moment to be called as Red, yes that color in English (Sometime Thai people like to name their children in English word).

A tiny baby me.

To be honest, my name was Red when I was just 1-2 days old. However, I couldn’t find my photo during that time so I grab this one instead. A tiny baby me.

After leaving the hospital where I was delivered, I got another first name which meant embrace. I used this name for a while before turning to the next one because my parents weren’t fond of an idea that their little girl had a name which seemed to invite people to hug her. (In Thailand, we aren’t familiar with hug or embrace each other. This action is sort of a private thing)

A little me and I have no idea what my hands are doing for this photo!

A little me. I have no idea what my hands were doing for this photo! It seems like I might be scratching my bum.

The 3rd name was the one I owned it almost 10 years. Its meaning in Thai could be translated to Cluster fig tree. I didn’t like the sound of this name as well as its definition. Nevertheless, my parents consoled me with the alternative story version of this name. They told me that I was named after a queen in Thailand’s history. (Like for a long long times ago).

Me in a red shoes with yellow hat. Very fashionable :)

Me in a red shoes with yellow hat. Very fashionable :)

For the latest one and I believe it is the last one, I picked it myself when my parents decided that our whole family should change our first and last names together. They therefore let me to choose my first name, which my decision based on the sound of word and its meaning. My current name means ‘Everybody loves me’ so I wish to feel loved everywhere I go. ^o^

If you don't love me, it's fine cause I can love myself. Yeah!

If you don’t love me, it’s fine cause I can love myself. Yeah!

That is the story of my four names in order to give a response to today’s daily prompt:

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

For your information: Thai people usually have first name and nick name. Our first names mostly consists of at least 2-3 syllables which they normally have meaning or related stories. It’s a common question when we ask each other ‘What does your first name mean?’

Post no 202

This is the post no 202 on my blog. It’s quite unbelievable that I can keep posting every single day as I promised myself at the beginning of this blog. As someone might read my About page, one of the reasons I started this blog is to practice my English writing skill. Although I began to study English language since I was in the elementary school, I’m not an expert in English writing and speaking compared to other two skills (reading and listening).

For English writing in this blog, sometimes I knew what I mistakenly wrote but sometimes I don’t. Believe it or not, as far as I’ve known Thais mostly struggle with a/an/the as we tend to forget putting them in our writing and speaking. I think the missing determiner in our English speaking/writing comes from the fact that we can’t remember some of uncountable/countable nouns. In additions, we are quite confused with all of those tenses because we don’t have to alter our Thai verb according to past, present ant future. For example, if I talk about my favorite artists whom I still love, but my comments are related to the past experiences so which tense I should use. That is just one example.

There were some errors with my past posts that I left them as that for a while although I’ve already been aware of the incorrect lines.


The 1st statement comes from ‘When my head turns to be a melon‘ which I use the word neither following with or. It’s incorrect because neither should be followed by nor for that context.

The missing determiner plays a part in the 2nd one. I’ve already put ‘a’ in front of Buddhist but I forgot to use ‘a’ for religious person.

I’m a bit unhappy with myself for the last incorrect one because it’s the title post, and I shouldn’t easily make that mistake. Since it’s not too difficult to know that we should use ‘was’ instead of ‘am’ when talking about the past (yesterday) so it should be ‘Yesterday, I was purring‘.

After publishing this post, I will correct those wrong words/tenses.

In spite of writing wrong grammars/word choices/word order/etc sometimes; I still believe that the more I read, the more I should be better in my writing. And the more I try to think before write them down, my English writing skill should have been improved as well.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

The pattern of garments.

Nature in our hands

The 1st Monday of month for the iPhonegraphy Challenge is Nature. I used this set of photos to represent Nature.

Yesterday, our family visited my grandma at her home in Chonburi. We talked to her and then went to market to buy seafood. After we came back to her home, I saw her walking back to the terrace and holding some flowers in her hands as she just plucked them from her small garden.

They were Lunthom or Leelavadee (Plumeria) and Mali (Jasmine).

Lunthom is the name we called Plumeria in Thai. Because Lunthom sounds like Ra-Thom in Thai word which means sad or sorrow, so those who own authority has tried to change the name from Lunthom to Leelavadee. Thus, people will feel comfortable to plant them in their house without worrying about the unfortunate definition. However, we still call them in both names.

My grandma would like to put them in a thin wood stick so she could arrange them in a vase. This is the way she could see their beautiful color before they wither.


Behind the shots:
Shots: iPhone 4 using Hipstamatic app

  • 1st and 2nd photos used Lens ‘Jane’ with Film ‘Blanko Freedom 13’
  • The 3rd one was shot by Lens ‘Tinto 1884’ with Film ‘D-TypePlate’

Re-sized: EverClipper

Credited: Labelbox

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

The mixture of Thai culture.