The Ultimate Secret Tour of Iceland

The short film captures the journey of Jennifer Asmundson, a chef from Seattle, who was crowned the ‘World’s Most Intrepid Tourist’ earlier this year in an online global search. Jennifer, who herself is from Icelandic descent, was invited to experience a unique ‘secret’ winter tour of Iceland following a special itinerary that was crowd-sourced by local Icelanders, visitors and fans of the country. This is her story.

Inspired By Iceland

Shuffle Me: Handshake

Two door cinema club has already released the 2nd album when I first knew them. I haven’t got a chance to listen to their first album. However, I was really into their 2nd album “Beacon”. Besides its intriguing cover, their sound was enjoyable and some songs made me wanna move my body and head like this song ‘Handshake’.

Canal Cruise

I’ve got a chance to take a canal cruise in Amsterdam, Netherlands. During the ride, I took a video which I therefore edited it in iMovie. It might not be that creative but I believe that it could provide the feeling of cruising a boat.

Shuffle Me: Curse the Night

The Raveonettes is a duo from Denmark. Their songs can be categorised as Indie Rock. Curse the Night was a song from the 6th album ‘Observator’ which I think the album provided me with calmness. One of the factor was the voices of vocalists in songs. This factor can be proved by this song ‘Curse the Night’

These Days

The previous challenge ’25 Songs’ had been finished since last Saturday. I am trying to look for a new blog challenge. So in the mean time, let’s look at the new music video from Take That. Their new song is catchy in a good way. Their music video is also entertaining to watch. It made me smile like this :)

25 DAYS | 25 SONGS – DAY 23: Please stop!


The music genre that I can’t stand is Metal. Another one is Rap. However, I can listen to a few rap/hip hop songs which I can’t explain what the reason for me to be able to listen to it. Still, there is a song that I have to exclude from the original soundtrack ‘The Fault in Our Stars’  after buying the album from iTunes Store. It is Bomfalleralla by Afasi & Filthy. I tried to listen to it together with other songs in the album. Nevertheless, sorry to say that I just couldn’t stand it.