Bye bye Windows Live Messenger

I’ve just heard news about Microsoft phasing out Windows Live Messenger. This comes from the fact that Microsoft has bought Skype and decided to let users change their chat program from WLM to Skype.

Although I haven’t used WLM for a while, I’m a bit surprised with this news. I remembered back then that WLM played important part of my life. It was the tool that provided me with connection with my brother in Japan along with my best friend in USA. Because of it, I didn’t feel like we lost in touch despite living in the different countries. Moreover, I used it as the tool for communication among colleagues during my 2nd job period. I think I had used it for around 10 years since it was MSN messenger. I just stopped using it 2 years ago because I’ve moved to my 3rd job and there are other applications for this kind of connection for example; Line, Facebook Messenger, or Google Chat.

There is a small part in my mind feeling sorry for this merge. Perhaps, it’s about time for WLM to move on as well as its users.

Good Bye Windows Live Messenger. Thank you for everything.

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