Steve’s Music Mix – This Is Some Scary S**t…

If you’d like to know how this music mix challenge works, you can click on this link to read Steve’s explanation.

Here this week’s three random questions:

This time yesterday I was…?

Bad Habit – Foals

I think I was packing my stuff for Hong Kong’s trip during this weekend (6-9 Mar 2014). I have this procedure that can be considered as a bad habit for people who like doing something spontaneously. For me who love planning everything, I usually prepare what I want to wear for each day of my trip. Sometimes, I even try wearing them to be able to see what I will look like. So I re-arranging my packing this time yesterday after trying on different sets of clothes. Actually, I attempted to reduce time thinking what I wanted to wear before my latest two trips last year because of the long duration for each one which required much time to do so. However, the Hong Kong trip takes only 3 and a half day so my bad habit has returned again.

This time tomorrow I will be…?

High Hopes – Kodaline

This time tomorrow I will be imagining of my trip in Hong Kong. I have been trying not to put high hopes in this trip because I will go there with my co-workers whom I never travel abroad with before. I don’t know how well we can travel together. How much I need to compromise my needs to reach a mutual agreement without losing my joy on travelling. Consequently, I think I will try to be myself but not be too much organised or apprehensive version of me.

This time next year I will be…?

Lay me down – Avicii

Yeah! this time next year I will be with my lovely guy whom I still not meet him. He will lay me down and hold me tight. Then, we will live happily ever after (Finger crossed).

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