25 DAYS | 25 SONGS – DAY 02: An Ex

For Day 2 of this challenge, the  song  reminds me of my recent boyfriend. I had only one boyfriend and it was a tough decision for me to give up our relationship because I was so stubborn. I wanted to fight for the happy ending but I eventually had to admit that our relationship emotionally weakened me. Consequently, I must walk away from him even though I have a fear of being alone when I’m older and I realise that I will have a scarce chance to meet a new one due to the closed environment for women in Thai’s dating culture.


Speaking of the song, I think of this song: Terrible Love by The National which I used to refer to it on this post.  I repeatedly listened to this song during the relationship. His claimed love for me was like a spider that might have bitten me if I did something wrong.

It’s a terrible love
And I’m walking with spiders
It’s a terrible love that I’m walking here
It’s a terrible love
That I’m walking with spiders
It’s a terrible love that I’m walking here

– Terrible Love by The national –

And that’s why I had to break up with him otherwise I would die in his so-call-love web someday.

Day 01: A song from childhood

Found this challenge on fishofgold.

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