Before the hottest day

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post about the hottest day in Bangkok (Thailand), I went outside to meet my friend before that day and it was still another hot day. Actually I didn’t want to leave my house for the strong sunlight and burning temperature. But I needed to meet my friend because I had already postponed our appointment once. We would like to meet up in order to swap souvenirs that we’ve bought for each other from travel, mine was from Japan while hers was from India and Chiang Mai (a province in Thailand).

We decided to eat at a Korean restaurant in Korean Town near the Asoke BTS station. I carried my FujiFilm X-E1 with me so I grasped an opportunity to snap photos around station area while I was waiting for her. I chose one of those pictures for the Monochrome Madness Week 9 hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky.

Bangkok | Thailand | 2014

Bangkok | Thailand | 2014

My friend and I had a great time eating and catching up on our life. After having lunch, we continued our conversation at a cafe called Hollys which was a franchise from Korea. I ordered Iced Blended Sweet Potatoes which I had never tried it before, and lucky me that it was delicious as well as suitable for the hot day like this.

Bangkok | Thailand | 2014

Bangkok | Thailand | 2014

Despite the hot weather, it was a pleasant afternoon to spend my time with my good friend.

2 thoughts on “Before the hottest day

  1. Gotta say, never thought of iced sweet potatoes and don’t think it will make my hit list! Still, a reunion with a good friend is one of life’s great pleasures, isn’t it?!

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